Tenant Zone – Information

A Guide for Tenants

This important information is intended to make Tenants aware of the application process of checking in and out of the Property

Application Fee

To secure a property with the agreement from the Landlord you will need submit a £300 application fee. We can then agree a completion date and commence the referencing process.


All persons aged 18+ will require a full reference to verify their ability to act as a responsible Tenant to meet the commitments set out in the Tenancy Agreement.

Some of the completion paperwork will be emailed to you. If you require this printing a small fee will be charged.


Completions can be arranged at a mutually agreeable time at our office whereby you will be given a full colour photographic inventory which you will be asked to sign and will then have up to five days to raise any queries.

Tenancy Deposit Protection

Your deposit will be registered with the DPS or MY DEPOSITS which is the government custodial scheme this is a legal requirement which came into force on the 6th April 2007.

Property Visits

If we are managing the property visits are usually carried out by our staff every three months or so. You will be notified of the time and date.

Leaving your Property

Your tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract it is for a fixed term and you cannot give notice to vacate before the expiry date. You are required to give one months notice from your rent due date.

Deposit Return

Please note if a dispute arises at the end of the Tenancy between you and the Landlord the amount of the deposit in dispute cannot be released until either the matter is resolved or referred to the DPS and the dispute finalised. Normally your deposit will be returned with in ten days from the DPS scheme.

Landlord References

Please note there is a £25 administration fee if you require a landlord reference from ourselves if we have managed your tenancy.