How Little Mansions Began

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By Rachel Johnson

Managing Director

Situated on the leafy green Eastgate Street in Stafford Little Mansions is a well presented double fronted branch where Pauline & Richard sat and discussed just how the Little Mansions story began.  Pauline, the face of the business was excited to recount the beginning in 2010;

“I have always loved working with people, I really enjoy getting to know their stories and the property they let with us often has a tale of its own that I love to find out about.  I remember when we started out it all began with a nugget of an idea from our financial advisor who was looking to sell a property and we were in a position to buy to let. We were really fortunate to be in a position to have spare capital and after doing research on the buy to let mortgages available we took the plunge and looked to buy our first investment. After this there was no looking back, we had got the bug big time and started quickly to expand our portfolio. We searched for other investment’s making sure we knew all about the area we were buying in, what level of rent could be achieved and the potential yields. Buying when the property required work also improved our return, our go-to became unloved smaller terraces which we renovated ourselves quickly and then let.

Over 3 years ago we bought and renovated 5 properties but now we had got to a point where it was time to find our very own Agent!  Doing our research with local businesses we we really struggled to find the right service for the right cost.  So we continued to do it ourselves and worked on developing our own website called ‘Little Mansions’ which we used to help us with our relets.  We chose the name Little Mansions because we wanted all our lovingly refurbished properties to be just that to our tenants – their own ‘little Mansions’!

After a few years working for someone else it was time to go the next step and start my own business.  What I wanted from my business was the elements I was unable to find all those years ago – wanting both the professional and dedicated service at a reasonable cost. Building on small foundations I approached my business with a focus on effective communication and property management.  Very quickly our reputation brought in many more properties and more investment was needed to ensure we had the technology to manage them all effectively and efficiently for our landlords.  It was not long before the portfolio went from strength to strength and within a few short years we were ready to enlist some help and start hiring!

Pauline and Richard

Pauline & Richard
Directors of Little Mansions

When we opened up the Uttoxeter Branch it was a full time job for both of us to keep the levels of service to our expectations and so Richard, who had been working high up in an Electronics Industry retired early to join me full time.  Working with your husband is not always plain sailing but we have a strict agreement to never take our work home. We complement each other perfectly with Richards’s knowledge of IT and his methodical approach to the systems and my energetic enthusiasm to be customer faced at the front of house.  We also find that due to our background and experience as landlord’s ourselves we are conscientious to the needs of our customers.  Richard & I are incredibly proud of the business we have produced from grass roots, in little over 20 years we have grown to be a successful and well respected letting specialist in Staffordshire.”

From an idea to a dream, Little Mansions is well established as a business built on stable foundations with a strong work ethic and reputation.  If you want to find out more about what Little Mansions could do for you come and see us.