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Reposit is an alternative to cash deposits, allowing you to pay a small fee instead of a tenancy deposit.

With Little Mansions you can save money for the things that matter the most just ask us how – thats as easy as it gets.

Lets see how it works:

Ask if the landlord on the property you are applying for would consider rent with Reposit and benefit from renting deposit free – saving you hundreds of pounds!

Click here to see how much you can save with Reposit!


Should your application qualify for Reposit and you confirm you would like to opt for this we will send you a link to sign up and pay your Reposit fee on their platform this will then activate the option and will need to be done before your tenancy starts. After that, well enjoy your new home! and it’s as easy as that! You’re ready to move in.

You can keep your details up to date via your Reposit dashboard and you will only have to renew the membership, paying a small fee of £30* every 12 months that your Tenancy continues.At the end of your tenancy we will complete a check out as normal and should there be any charges that we feel are fair we will attempt to discuss the charges with you prior to processing.The official statistics with Reposit show that on average 70% of tenancies end without any charges due at the end of tenancy. If you have left your Tenancy without damages or debts then there’s nothing else for you to do and no waiting around for your deposit to be repaid!

If there are charges we will notify you to discuss reasonable costs and if it is not possible to come to an agreement then Reposit will contact you giving you the option to accept and pay, or raise a dispute.

[*as of 2024 Reposit fees and may be subject to change]

Deposit Protection Service

But if your more comfortable with the traditional method of paying 5 weeks deposit up front then you can opt for the DPS that is no problem at all its your choice just let us know!  Introduced by the Government in April 2007 for all assured shorthold tenancies in England and Wales and in 2019 the Tenant fee act limited the amount a tenant has to pay for a deposit to the equivalent of 5 weeks rent.  You pay this to us when you start your Tenancy and we send to the DPS to be protected for the duration of your time in your property.  At the end of your Tenancy we want you to receive as much of this deposit back as possible and so looking after your deposit starts as soon you move into the property.  If you need any impartial advice and so you have the best chance of getting all your monies back to you the DPS has lots of advice on their website to help you.

Your contract will form the basis of your agreement with your Landlord and set the expectations clearly about your obligations whilst renting the property.  Reviewing these will give you an indication of what you need to do during your Tenancy.  Copies of your Inventory and your tenancy agreement along with other important documents are available on your own private propertyfile portal.  Our Inventory and Schedule of condition is provided as an editable document to you where you have 7 days after key collection to make your amendments and ensure you are in agreement with the recorded condition.  You will have the ability to add your own photos and making comments that will be locked for evidence for your check out making sure the report is fair and final.

Before you fully move in it is absolutely essential that you make time for this essential process to keep the deposit protected.

This document will be our main reference for discussing potential deductions from your deposit at the end of tenancy. If you’re not sure about something, or think that repairs may be needed, let us know or if your landlord is managing your property as soon as possible and follow it up by email or in writing, keeping a copy for yourself. This could be the evidence you need at the end of your tenancy in the event of any disagreement you have regarding the repayment of your deposit.